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Live Nude Elf

Reverend Jen’s Really Cool Neighborhood

Troll Museum Beer Koozie

Troll Museum T-Shirts

3 Responses to “Buy Stuff”

  1. Michael Smith Says:

    Rev Jen
    I wanted to say hi
    Your name came up in conversation with a friend who just sent me a link to a podcast of an interview with you and some guy miked way too loud
    I wanted to ask if you have some paintings of rainbows
    It so happens that I have a collection of them in Austin (where I spend half the year) and I was wondering if I should start thinking about having a rainbow hanging here in NY
    be nice to hear back from you
    all the best

  2. amy Says:

    Hi Jen! My name is Amy. I’m a visual arts student at columbia university. I would love to come to your troll museum to take some pics. I do documentary photography, and think your troll museum sounds awesome! Would I be able to set something like that up?

    Here’s a link to some of my work:


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