Reverend Jen is a performer, painter, playwright, columnist, underground movie star, open mike host, ASS Magazine founder and elf. She is a columnist for www.artnet.com and a former sex columnist for http://www.nerve.com. Her books include Live Nude Elf: the Sexperiments of Reverend Jen, Sex Symbol for the Insane, Reverend Jen’s Really Cool Neighborhood and a number of handmade books that can be found in collections including the Whitney Museum of American Art, the MoMA Library and the Warhol Museum.

Rev. has performed and lectured in England, Germany, all over the U.S.A. and on the Astral Plane. Her live action TV show “Reverend Jen’s Really Cool Neighborhood” was recently voted best off-off-off Broadway Musical Comedy Theater by The Village Voice. She lives in the world’s only Troll Museum above a shoe store on Manhattan’s Lower East Side with her Chihuahua, Reverend Jen Junior, an actress and dog-clothes model.

On this blog you will find Rev.’s musings on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness along with art, book and music reviews, personal essays detailing the travails of bohemian extremism, inspirational quotes, existential despair and lots and lots of pictures.

8 Responses to “About”

  1. Nota Tirem Says:


    My name is Nota. I am an astrologer at Elsaelsa.com

    I saw you on late night republic recently and thought “I’ve GOT to see her chart!” I would love to write an article about you for our blog.

    If that interests you, please let me know. notatirem@gmail.com

    I already have a rough chart drawn up for you based on information from the fan site you have linked on your blog. If I had a birth time that would make it more accurate.

    I will not share any of your personal information on the blog. All I would include would be a picture of your birthchart with a quick personality profile.

    If this is not something you would like to take part in, I completely understand.

    I hope to hear from you. 🙂

    You can find me on twitter @NotaTirem

  2. Sal Says:

    Reverend Jen, you are my hero and I love you! One day I will make the great pilgrimage to your Troll museum.

  3. Jeff Says:

    Hello Rev Jen.
    Just stumbled across your videos on You Tube. And then found out that you wrote a book about an Elf. Just wanted to share my book about Vampires who save Christmas. Enjoy.

  4. Christina Caldea Says:

    Your way is the only way

  5. Ashley R Lister (@ashleylister) Says:

    Reverend Jen – would it be possible for you to send me an email? I’m wanting to ask permission to use a short passage from one of your titles in a project I’m currently working on.


  6. Lolla Says:

    YOU ROCK!!!
    I discovered your book on the nett a while back and decided to give it a shot…since than I read it twice, got your other book and I am gearing up to get the DVD’s (gearing up, since I am still relishing the stories I read and imagining things my way).
    Reading your stories is refreshing, inspirational (even though some of them are insane) and super fun. They remind me so much of hanging out with my friends in the 90’s and early 2000.
    Before the everybody is always connected time. ….
    Anyway, just wanted to say, hello and thanks for being you!!

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