The Anti-Slam is Back!

The Anti-Slam is Back!

Every Wednesday, 8PM

at “Old Man Hustle”

(39 Essex Street, take the ‘F’ to Delancey or the ‘J/Z’ to Essex)

Admission: Free but we “pass the hat”

 Reverend Jen’s Anti-Slam, the world’s nuttiest open mic is like the “Cats” of the Lower East Side (without the annoying dancers in cat costumes.) It just keeps going. Nothing – not gentrification nor the host’s mental problems have been able to keep this show down. Why? Because the Anti-Slam f**king rocks. Performers are given 6 minutes to do anything (as long as it doesn’t involve assaulting the audience or trashing the space) be it comedy, poetry, interpretive dance, primal scream therapy, performance art, music or anything their art star heart desires. The Village Voice once called it “where performance meets a cry for help.” Better yet, everyone gets a 10! Reverend Jen has been hosting the show for 18 years for a reason – because there is never a dull moment. The new venue, “Old Man Hustle” is a great little bar on the LES that serves up cheap beer and free popcorn so hustle your asses down, make some art or watch some art and help keep Downtown strange.


3 Responses to “The Anti-Slam is Back!”

  1. praisethelorne Says:

    Always a classic.

  2. Alex Says:

    I’ve never been to an anti-slam, are they worth going to?

  3. kingofthecomebck Says:

    I stopped performing when collective moved to the west side. I think it’s time to come back home

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