Thank You

Many thanks to people for their empathy and support. As soon as my face bounces back, no doubt I will too.


12 Responses to “Thank You”

  1. The Real Deal Says:

    You are a miserable nitwit if you think you’re face will EVER bounce back 🙂 Don’t you realize that you are the original butter face? (Your body is ok for a forty year old chick I guess, but your face is train wreck,hence everything about You is satisfactory, BUT YOUR FACE) I can just imagine Judge Bill looking down from above and dropping his head in shame at his prodigy who cant even hold a job.

    • reverendjen Says:

      Dear stalker. I know you have been arrested for stalking others because you obviously hate yourself. You should.

    • reverendjen Says:

      The Brooklyn DA told me all about your crazy ass and I have been to the cops about you. So please take this warning: leave me alone unless you want to do more jail time.

    • praisethelorne Says:

      The ‘real deal’ sounds like he had love handles and a pit stain problem. Hey Douche. Get a life and stop watching obscure judge tv shows.

      • reverendjen Says:

        You love this, Lorne. According to 2 lawyers this piece of shit Edward who is writing this crap is a Neo-Nazi. Belongs in jail!

      • praisethelorne Says:

        Upon graduating culinary school, I’d love to show him my knife collection.

  2. Natalie Says:

    For lower cost health care, maybe faster than Bellvue;
    You probably also are eligible for emergency medicaid. You need someone to help you sort out all the things you are eligible for, and also hook you up with free legal services. Single Stop is a program that can help you apply for things and hook you up with various benefits, and there are locations all over ny:

    You could call the NY Bar Association Hotline to get an idea about legal options (its free):

  3. DuchessofNYC Says:

    Agreed, you need to document your injuries ASAP, so that’s why you should go to a doctor. You could also potentially sue NYC for whatever you tripped on. I’m not big on lawsuits, but when u lose work due to injury…. sounds like tenement museum is making it out like you’re on drugs or something, i.e. unfit, and that’s why you fell

  4. Ayun Halliday (@AyunHalliday) Says:

    This is terrible – especially since the Tenement Museum has always been a fave of mine, a place where I send visitors. (And clueless me, I had no idea you were an employee – that would have made me love it all the more). It’s like finding out one of your fave celebs acts like Leona Helmsley to his or her loyal staff.

    I’ll follow this story and transfer all my history of NYC business to City Reliquary and the recently rediscovered Historical Society until / if there’s a satisfactory resolution.

    In addition to all the worthy advice you’ve received here, I’m thinking you may want to alert BUST and Bitch…I’m sure readers (including comely young ones in addition to weathered veterans like myself0 will be in solidarity with you!

    Chihuahuas! Trolls! Icepacks! Music! Advil! Tequila! And a sunny, sunny day…

  5. chris Says:

    I hate to seem litigious, BUT i would at least contact Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts. The actions of the TM seem capricious and if they have never given written critique of your job performance, nor asked for changes, your seemingly cosmetic firing could be actionable. At the very least it will give you a chance to further discuss the situation and perhaps bring more attention to what sounds like an abusive workplace.

  6. MJZ Says:

    VLA and EEOC (Federal gov) are two places to start. Also Freelancers Union has health insurance and other benefits for when you can check into it. I know other people who work(ed) at the TM, and am sorry to hear that it ended up this way.

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