Publisher’s Weekly

I’m glad I’ve been attempting the impossible: a press kit, else I never would have known that Publisher’s Weekly gave Elf Girl a great review! This is why I need an intern!


3 Responses to “Publisher’s Weekly”

  1. praisethelorne Says:

    Great review! Can we really trust you with an intern?

  2. Robin Dann Says:

    When were you a guard at the Met? Are you now? I briefly had that job, too. Great review! Fabulous! Congrats! On to the movie and then sit com or skit com that you write yourself (like Sara Silverman)

  3. holly Says:

    Pick me as your intern! I live in Portland but I’m sure we can work something out.

    Reading ‘Elf Girl’ right now and loving it after discovering you in ‘Good Advice for Young, Trendy People of All Ages’ (your essay on how to be an art star was easily the best and most memorable).

    future intern Holly

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