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Kitteh Update/Artforum/Rew&Who and more

June 6, 2012

Been so busy between cat rescue, Assdance and more that I’ve barely posted, but a few updates on the mad, mad world of the Troll Museum…

Firstly, I kept the goddamned cat. He is luckily, the laziest animal I have ever encountered next to Rev. Jen Junior. I had all his blood work done and had him neutered and he a healthy lil dude that loves ghetto Meow Mix cat food. He and Rev. Jen Junior have turf wars over the bed, but they are mostly entertaining except when they occur at 6am.

Secondly, I is in artforum in the top ten and sheeeat. Quite an honor, in all seriousness, because included in the list is JACKIE MCALLISTER (1962–2012), a lovely man and wonderful art historian whose untimely death was heartbreaking for anyone who knew him. He was also Scottish (like my ma) and shocked me one day at an art opening by singing my fave Scottish ditty: “You cannie throw yer granny off a bus.” Anyone who thinks the art world is pretentious, never met him.

Finally, today, I’m gonna be on the podcast ReW & WhO podcast today. Be sure to watch it live as there will be madness!

Pictures of kitty to come and a whole lot more once I get a free second!