Elf Girl Tour Dates!

Exciting news: I’ll be heading out to the Wild West at the end of November, but first I’ll be reading on November 10th at Atomic Books in my home state of MD. (Wacky fact: Maryland’s state sport is jousting so it’s like the Ren Faire there all year.) The following day is 11/11/11, which could mean the end is finally nigh. Whatevs! It’s also “National Corduroy Appreciation Day” since 11/11 is the date that looks the most like corduroy. This 11/11 should be especially exciting since it’s 11/11 freaking 11!  For more info on the B-More reading, check out the facebook page here.

Now…onto the West Coast! First stop is Portland, OR. I arrive the evening of Sunday, Nov. 27th and read at Powell’s the next night at 7:30. Never been to Portland and got nowhere to stay so if you have a bed, cot, floor or couch that I can crash on, I would be ever so grateful. However, I don’t mind being a hobo. I will bring my transistor radio and sleeping bag. On the 29th, I then fly to LA and am reading on the 30th at Mysterious Galaxy in Redondo Beach. Again, no idea where I’m staying but I hope someone takes me to Jumbo’s Clown Room at some point. This also means that I have nothing booked the night of the 29th so if anyone knows of any cool place/open mike/event where I could read in LA that night, I’d be allover it.

And then I come back here on the 1st. Trying to book a space for the Mr. LES Pageant that week but thus far, no luck.

For now, I’m hunkered down during Snowtober awaiting Troll Museum visitors!


9 Responses to “Elf Girl Tour Dates!”

  1. Kat Green Says:

    Dude, you should talk to Shawn Patrick about doing Mr LES at ACME.

  2. Joren Says:

    How come you dont visit San Francisco?

  3. Lynn Ann Kister Says:

    Hey Jen!
    How can I get you to come to Seattle….
    Congrats on the new book I saw it in Barnes & Noble downtown Seattle yesterday! I was and am so excited for you!
    I don’t know if you remember me, we worked at Central Park together in 2001….
    Let me know if you need a place to stay in Seattle. You are always welcome!
    xo Lynn

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