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Elf Girl Tour Dates!

October 29, 2011

Exciting news: I’ll be heading out to the Wild West at the end of November, but first I’ll be reading on November 10th at Atomic Books in my home state of MD. (Wacky fact: Maryland’s state sport is jousting so it’s like the Ren Faire there all year.) The following day is 11/11/11, which could mean the end is finally nigh. Whatevs! It’s also “National Corduroy Appreciation Day” since 11/11 is the date that looks the most like corduroy. This 11/11 should be especially exciting since it’s 11/11 freaking 11! ¬†For more info on the B-More reading, check out the facebook page here.

Now…onto the West Coast! First stop is Portland, OR. I arrive the evening of Sunday, Nov. 27th and read at Powell’s the next night at 7:30. Never been to Portland and got nowhere to stay so if you have a bed, cot, floor or couch that I can crash on, I would be ever so grateful. However, I don’t mind being a hobo. I will bring my transistor radio and sleeping bag. On the 29th, I then fly to LA and am reading on the 30th at Mysterious Galaxy in Redondo Beach. Again, no idea where I’m staying but I hope someone takes me to Jumbo’s Clown Room at some point. This also means that I have nothing booked the night of the 29th so if anyone knows of any cool place/open mike/event where I could read in LA that night, I’d be allover it.

And then I come back here on the 1st. Trying to book a space for the Mr. LES Pageant that week but thus far, no luck.

For now, I’m hunkered down during Snowtober awaiting Troll Museum visitors!

Greatest Book Party Ever!

October 28, 2011

The Elf Girl Book Party was a smashing success as these hilarious photos by Rosalie Knox attest!

And there’s more! I’ll be reading at Bluestockings on November 5th. Here’s a link to the facebook invite…hope to see you all there!

p.s. If you’ve read the book and enjoyed it, my ego could always use a good amazon review!