Hotel on Rivington

It’s that time of year again! Time for my “neighbors”, the Hotel on Rivington, to play crappy music at highest volume from their glass tower across from my humble abode until 4 a.m., in effect, TORTURING me as I try to have coherent, creative thoughts. I have hated “THOR” since it opened (protested its opening along w/ several other LES residents) given the fact that its appearance in the ‘hood ushered in an era of small LES businesses and longtime tenants being priced out AND also given the owner is a gazillionaire who’s evicted quite a few poor art stars from the nearby tenements he owns.

This kind of disrespecting the neighbors and the neighborhoods bullshit by trendy hotels is allover the city and 311 needs to step up their game!!! Or else I’m gonna have to grab a boombox and visit the various hotels’ bridge and tunnel customers early on Sunday mornings with some religious music playing at highest volume (or maybe just white noise.)

And don’t even get me started on the various d-bags blocking the sidewalks at night. Note: This doesn’t happen in front of longtime neighborhood bars where the bouncers, owners and bartenders actually maintain some modicum of control and respect for people who are forced to live amongst this bs.

PLEASE, if you happen to be reading my blog and are looking to stay in NYC at a hotel (not really advisable anyway since there are so many great week-long apartment rentals) check out what the neighbors think about said hotel. You’d be surprised!

My first neighborhood rant of the summer. Can’t believe it didn’t come sooner. Also, check out some of the articles on Gothamist surrounding the noise issues. They actually make it funny.


2 Responses to “Hotel on Rivington”

  1. Oliver Says:

    For noisy neighbors, try this: go to youtube, and search for “river sounds” or “river sleep” or something like that. They have 1, 2, and 4 hour videos of nothing but gurgling river sounds. It is very soothing and it covers up other sounds (sometimes). You can leave it on so it runs for hours. This usually knocks me out in 60 seconds. And in the morning.

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