Robot Day Speech

Here’s the speech I gave on the steps of Federal Hall yesterday (in a robot voice and clad in a robot costume, of course.)

Greetings, Humans. I am a robot sometimes known as Reverend Jen. I am going to dance today in a street-style dance popularized by the Jacksons in ages past in order to protest all laws  pertaining to dance and even though I am not human, I have sense enough to know that human like to dance.

So listen up, Bloomberg: New York City is the best city in the world and should be an example to rest of world. You human who live here are trendsetters so set a trend that dance is legal here and pretty soon dance will be legal everywhere, even at Jefferson Memorial.

Look at my fun foam Statue of Liberty headgear. I wear it in the name of liberty and I rhythmically make a robot dance in pursuit f happiness. Won’t you join me in fighting tyranny? I love New York New York New York…


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