The Secret Life of Mushrooms

A very brief review of a movie my friend, Kat, recently finished. Would write more but I’ve got a head full of DayQuil!

The Secret Life of Mushrooms

Most of what I know about ‘shrooms comes from ingesting them. Lots of them. I know they taste really bad and make me feel really groovy, but what about their history? It sometimes gets lost in a cloud of black light posters and weed smoke. Lucky for us, Kat Green went all the way down to Huautla de Jimenez, Mexico where she made a movie about the “the little Gods.” Narrator Dan Glass is as charming as a latter day Sir David Frederick Attenborough as he intrepidly explores the lush countryside, talks to locals and spends time with a hippie who claims to have eaten 750 grams of them. It’s funny at times yet still educational. You might even wanna stay sober for it.


One Response to “The Secret Life of Mushrooms”

  1. duvallechristopher Says:

    Hi Reverend Jen,
    Huge fan. Anyway, came across this movie online called Death of a Dummy. The only reason I am hi-jacking your blog to tell you about it is because you were mentioned in the film as Queen of the Art Stars! I have a feeling it will be an underground classic. Anyway, it may or may not have made your day but nonetheless I thought you should know your vision is impacting people and they are watching enough to mention you on film. Follow this link to take a look

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