Wedding of the Century

The Wedding of Reverend Jen Junior and Taco Waggytail

8 p.m., Friday, April 29th, 2011

at Lucky Dog

(303 Bedford Avenue, between S. 1st and S. 2nd, take the L to Bedford)


(In lieu of presents, the couple asks that

donations be made to Waggytail Rescue.)

With all this talk about the “sanctity of marriage” it’s easy to forget what weddings are really about: parties, presents, special outfits and getting’ crunk! (Oh yeah, and everlasting love…) So, it is with great pleasure that we announce the marriage of Reverend Jen Junior to her betrothed Taco Waggytail at eight in the evening on the twenty-ninth day of April in the year of our Lord Two Thousand and Eleven, to be followed by much merriment. (Because Westminster Abbey was booked that day, the nuptials will take place at Lucky Dog, an awesome bar with a garden where dogs can hang.)


Reverend Jen Junior is best known as an actress, model, Page 6 celeb, blogger and critic (of all things.) She rode a skateboard to fame playing a superhero on The Adventures of Electra Elf. She has also on appeared in a Moby video, a zombie movie and several fashion shows. Taco Waggytail is best known as the poster boy for Waggytail Rescue, a not-for-profit group run by tireless and dedicated volunteers whose goal is to rescue, rehabilitate, and place dogs in loving, permanent homes. They have saved thousands of dogs including Taco who was once abused and abandoned. (The first time Taco’s tail ever started wagging was when he saw Reverend Jen Junior for the first time…more than 7 years ago! The two have been “in love” ever since.)


Presiding over the ceremony will be longtime friend of the happy couple (and an ordained Reverend) Faceboy. Presiding over the bar will be Mr. Lower East Side, Moonsine Shorey and there will be plenty of other surprise guests along with a fabulous wedding party (comprised of dogs and downtown celebutantes.)


Don’t Miss the Event of the Century!



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