Gotta Get Happy

Now that the shit week has come to an end and spring is near, I’m starting to get kind of sort of happy (but not so much that it interferes with my art!)

JJ is doing really well, I finished a painting, galleys of my book will be ready in April, and I’m just starting to get my tax shit in order. Did you know tax day is also Leonardo Da Vinci’s birthday? AND, it’s also the birthday of Keith (of KATG) and he and Chemda are going to have a lot of special events that week to celebrate. (Pretty sure Faceboy is hosting Bingo at Bowery that Sunday…)

So, what are you crying for? This brings me to part two of my post. One of the great things about hosting an open mike in NYC is that New York City will never run out of talent. Might seem like it sometimes, but there are always surprises. Over the years, I’ve seen some of the most amazing songwriters on the planet get up and play. One of my faves was Langhorne Slim . He’s now touring allover the place and putting out records, but the man’s got the music in him. Love this song. He calls it self therapy, but it’s therapy for the listener too.

And here’s the painting I just finished, based on the alien abduction dream I had a few weeks ago:




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