JJ Update

In case you haven’t been following my facebook posts, here’s what’s been going on in my f’d up life: My beloved Chihuahua, Reverend Jen Junior (a.k.a. JJ) swallowed a sewing needle last Monday night. Not sure how she got it. Only thing I can think is that it must have fallen off my vanity and onto the floor where she found it, and like oh so many things (trolls, socks, tissues, etc.) she attempted to chew it. Then she came staggering out of my bedroom and into the kitchen where I was painting and I looked over and she was choking on it. Her mouth was bleeding and it was halfway down her throat at that point. I tried to get it out but she started freaking (who can blame her?) and swallowed it. I grabbed her and raced out the door. At first I was headed to the 62nd Street 24-Hour Animal Hospital, but I put in a call to my friend, Holly, who runs waggytail rescue. She told me to go to 15th Street Animal Hospital, which I didn’t know existed, but is much closer and less crowded and overwhelmed. They were excellent. Within 15 minutes they’d X-Rayed her. Luckily, the needle didn’t puncture her esophagus or intestines, but landed right in the middle of her belly where it was surrounded by food! Because of all the food, they had to schedule surgery for the next morning.

Faceboy raced up to the hospital and met JJ and me. The vet let us have some alone time with JJ, hugging and petting her before we were forced to leave her there and head home. (She wasn’t in pain and was very calm.)

We drank Buds at Face’s while I sobbed and he put on Partridge Family tunes (in an attempt to make me stop crying) along with “The Bitch is Back.” His GF, Punk’n called and suggested I put a public link to my paypal to try to raise some funds for what the vets estimated would be a 4,650 dollar operation. I did and Punk’n posted it on the Keith and the Girl web site while Tom Tenney also posted a link on my web site. Donations started rolling in since Rev. Jen Junior is officially the most popular girl in the world! At this point, I have to offer a huge thank you to every single person who gave to the JJ Needle Fund. We raised 950 bucks in 24 hours after which, my mother offered to pay the balance (which it turns out was 2,000 bucks less than estimated though still gigantic.) JJ and I are two lucky bitches!

The next day, I called early and was told JJ was still in surgery. Was silently having a freak-out and praying there would be no complications. Around 11am the vet called and said JJ’s surgery went smoothly and she was resting. They also told me she was on heavy drugs so I wouldn’t be able to visit until the next day. Without her, my apartment seemed so empty…no wagging tail or dramatic barking or begging for food and humping things.

I woke at the crack of dawn and called. The vet told me I could come in at 1 to get the girl. Yay! Faceboy joined me in the happiest reunion of all time. They brought her out to us wearing a ridiculous blue cone of shame. Despite the fact that she was obviously doped-up, she wagged her tail and licked Faceboy’s head. (A habit of hers…) The vets were excellent, very caring and they said they’d fallen in love with JJ. The receptionist said he thought JJ must have been trying to sew herself an Oscar gown, so they obviously got her personality too.

Now she’s been at home 5 days and her incision is healing quickly. (Almost like she has Wolverine-style regenerative properties.) I am SO happy to have her back, so happy that a lot of other bullshit doesn’t really seem to matter much these days. Also, really grateful to have incredible friends who called and emailed constantly and gave generously, not just donations but love too. At the moment, there’s nothing else I need in this world. She goes off doggie dope tomorrow and I’ve still got to keep an eye on her to make sure she doesn’t tear her stitches out, but it looks like she’s getting her energy back.

Will keep everyone updated. In the meantime, painting, relaxing (nerves are still pretty shot) and working (JJ’s been coming to work with me.) And hoping the rest of 2011 kind of calms down.



One Response to “JJ Update”

  1. Oliver Says:

    Amazin’ story. Glad it turned out well.

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