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Insomnia Poems

February 9, 2011

I can’t sleep so I wrote some poems. Love poems or lack of love poems.


For awhile I thought maybe
I loved you
And that you loved me
But the truth,
which an insightful drunk
Once told me,
Is that I’m the girl
That’s always following the circus
And you were my circus
You were the acrobat
The trapeze artist
The clown
And the dancing, tortured animal
All in one
And I was the audience
Applauding everything you did
Even when it was sad
And even though you were never in town.

Against Reason

Since I believe in unicorns
And elves
And talking tress
It’s no wonder I also believed
In us
In some magical occurrence
That might occur
To make an us
The ocean might disappear
Or I would turn into a bird
Or someone might invent
A low-cost teleportation device
And I could teleport to your bedside
Every once in a while
And I think sometimes
You believed this too
Believed in a magical us
Against reason
And that’s why we ended up
Saying fuck off
And not goodbye
You can say fuck off
A million times
And goodbye only once

Astrology Poem

Venus in my 12th house
Endlessly searching
For an impossible love
The guaranteed
Freedom house
The nothing to lose house
Nothing to hold house
Nothing to walk away from
Because I’m endlessly chasing
Something that’s not real
If I could find an alien
With a penis
Living on another planet
No doubt I would fall in love with it
Because anything closer to home
Might interfere with my work
Anything closer to home
Could mean domestic slavery
Or worse, boredom