Back in NYC

Hallo, readers (all 5 of you.) I am back in NYC after a crazy trip to London and Paris. Been to London (i.e. The Mad Tea Party where everyone is a character) many times, but had never been to France. Paris was lovely and their cheese, even lovelier. I was forced, by my companion, to go look at the Eiffel Tower, which I had no real interest in since I imagined it was a big ugly tower. Turns out, I was correct: it is a big, ugly tower! But The Louvre is the most beautiful place I have ever been in my life. I went twice and twice was not enough. I plan on going back as soon as I have more than 9 dollars in the bank.

Overall the trip was full of extremes, and my blog is not the place to go into them. Am grateful to my friend, Jboy and to a Parisian cat (an actual cat…am not talking beatnik) named Yakki (sp?) who visited me and said hello when I was sad. Also, grateful to be back on the other side of the looking glass (NYC) where things make sense and people say what they mean, even if what they have to say is sometimes harsh. I prefer disappointment to inconsistency.

Since this is my first official post of the new year, I feel as if it’s the first day of the new year and I promise to try to blog more. But right now, I’ve got to paint all day since my paintings have recently become my main source of income. (With the TV shows I review being on hiatus and all and the freelance writing market currently being shit.) If you wanna have a look at some of the paintings for sale, go to the right hand side of the main page of my blog and click on the link “paintings.” Then give me lots of money!

Now it’s off to paint while listening to a new CD, given to me by my good friends Milk Kan while hanging with them in London. If you’ve never heard them before, listen! Truly brilliant.

Until tomorrow…or the next time I blog…who knows when the hell that will be…



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