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Aliens Take JJ

January 29, 2011

This morning I had a dream that aliens abducted an entire bus full of passengers out of Baltimore and that Rev. Jen Junior happened to be on the bus. I was devastated, but then I got a telepathic message from Junior telling me that the aliens worshiped her like a Goddess and I should prepare to leave for their planet. I was excited to go but my alarm went off before I could.

I think it might have something to do with having recently viewed this scene.


Mars Bar Book Launch

January 29, 2011


a new novel by Jason Flores-Williams
with Jason Flores-Williams, Mark Read, Nicolle Elizabeth and Reverend Jen

Time/Date: 6:00 pm, Saturday, Feb. 12, 2011.

Place: Mars Bar, 600 25 East 1st Street.

Price: Free to the People

NYC, NY—The legendary Mars Bar hosts its first ever literary event for Jason Flores-Williams new novel, Character and Fitness. (Because Mars Bar is closing, it will also be its last ever literary event!) The evening will be MC’d by Mark Wildman Read, and will feature readings from Flores-Williams, Nicolle Elizabeth and Reverend Jen. Get there early because space is obviously extremely limited! (And the place always fills up around noon…)

Character and Fitness, Flores-Williams fourth novel, is about an unemployed social justice lawyer and his nurse girlfriend living in a shitty apartment complex behind a strip mall in the suburbs of Philadelphia. The book is currently being serialized by Brooklyn Rail fiction with the first two chapters out now (January) and a new chapter to be published every month for the rest of the year.

“Flores-Williams is a train wreck of genius…A literary force of nature.” The San Francisco Chronicle.

About the Cast of Characters:

Mark Read is an international arms dealer and hostage negotiator. He enjoys Cuban cigars, banana smoothies, nubile young bodies, revolutionary eschatology, and creative non-fiction. Alternatively, Mark Wildman Read is a writer, filmmaker, activist, professor, radio talk-show host and aging raconteur. He is very proud of his middle name.

Nicolle Elizabeth has worked as a bike mechanic, waitress, in a hulahoop factory, as a baker, as a literacy teacher in the Bronx at the same school her mom attended for one semester, is a member of the National Book Critics’ Circle, is forthcoming in Best American Women’s Travel Writing 2011, is 29 years old, is 5’1″ tall, has a second book of short fiction forthcoming in the indie presses this summer, is a weekly columnist at, is single and only interested in hanging out with good guys.

Reverend Jen is a performer, painter, playwright, underground movie star, open mike host, ASS Magazine founder and elf who lives in the Lower East Side Troll Museum with her Chihuahua, Reverend Jen Junior. She is a columnist for, a writer for Penthouse and a former sex columnist for Her books include Live Nude Elf: the Sexperiments of Reverend Jen, Reverend Jen’s Really Cool Neighborhood (Printed Matter) and the upcoming Elf Girl (to be released by Simon and Schuster in November 2011.)

Jason Flores-Williams is a novelist and radical attorney who has been featured on CNN, NPR, Air America and in the New York Times.  He has been arrested for protest against the US government and written hard against the sexless and soulless corporatization of American culture.  His third novel, The Last Stand of Mr. America, has recently sold feature film rights to Melting Pictures. Flores-Williams has written at total of four novels that are published in seven countries and is a frequent contributor to the Brooklyn Rail and WBAI.

Another New Painting

January 24, 2011

I think I’m gonna call this one “Gemini.”

Very Cool Mention…

January 24, 2011

I was mentioned in Alan Cumming’s blog yesterday. The Troll Museum is becoming a hotbed of celebrity action.

New Pix of Paintings and Other Stuff

January 24, 2011

Random Stuff. Pix of Europe and a new painting I just finished.

Feeling Tiny in Mismatched Leopard

Sleeping in a Field of Poppies at an exhibition on drugs in Victorian England

Goin' For It!


January 22, 2011

This morning I had a revelation: Codependency is when two people find it easier to say fuck off than goodbye. You can say fuck off to someone and they will usually come on back for more. Goodbye is final. And it’s much harder.

Back in NYC

January 21, 2011

Hallo, readers (all 5 of you.) I am back in NYC after a crazy trip to London and Paris. Been to London (i.e. The Mad Tea Party where everyone is a character) many times, but had never been to France. Paris was lovely and their cheese, even lovelier. I was forced, by my companion, to go look at the Eiffel Tower, which I had no real interest in since I imagined it was a big ugly tower. Turns out, I was correct: it is a big, ugly tower! But The Louvre is the most beautiful place I have ever been in my life. I went twice and twice was not enough. I plan on going back as soon as I have more than 9 dollars in the bank.

Overall the trip was full of extremes, and my blog is not the place to go into them. Am grateful to my friend, Jboy and to a Parisian cat (an actual cat…am not talking beatnik) named Yakki (sp?) who visited me and said hello when I was sad. Also, grateful to be back on the other side of the looking glass (NYC) where things make sense and people say what they mean, even if what they have to say is sometimes harsh. I prefer disappointment to inconsistency.

Since this is my first official post of the new year, I feel as if it’s the first day of the new year and I promise to try to blog more. But right now, I’ve got to paint all day since my paintings have recently become my main source of income. (With the TV shows I review being on hiatus and all and the freelance writing market currently being shit.) If you wanna have a look at some of the paintings for sale, go to the right hand side of the main page of my blog and click on the link “paintings.” Then give me lots of money!

Now it’s off to paint while listening to a new CD, given to me by my good friends Milk Kan while hanging with them in London. If you’ve never heard them before, listen! Truly brilliant.

Until tomorrow…or the next time I blog…who knows when the hell that will be…