2010 Year in Review

Every New Year’s Eve Day, I take my old calendar off the wall and take a look at it. This year, I tried to condense everything into a list. In terms of years, 2010 wasn’t that bad. My apartment exploded and all, but compared to 2009, it was great.

Here is my Personal Year in Review. In 2010, I:

entered my 9th year working at the bookstore

started writing for Penthouse

worked for a shrink (and lost the job when she retired)

saw my apartment explode and thought for at least 10 horrible minutes, that JJ had perished in the disaster

had a Troll Museum hairdressing party to clean up the trolls post-disaster

worked as a Census Enumerator (and discovered my neighbors have been replaced by 24-year old cyborgs)

did a few paintings

sold a few paintings (one to PBR!)

shot an episode of Really Cool Neighborhood

wrote, staged and directed a new episode of Cool Neighborhood

did lots of readings, appeared in Match Game, performed with Gwar and did numerous other strange shows

went to the Caribbean, Seattle and England

got a book deal for an already finished manuscript

completed a Troll Museum Coloring Book

survived another year



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