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Quest for Cameltoe!

November 14, 2010

I wrote a play! And I’m directing and starring in it! It’s gonna rock…

Reverend Jen’s Really Cool Neighborhood: A Live-Action TV Show!
Episode 5: “Quest for Cameltoe”
Tuesday, November 16th, 10pm (7 bucks)
Bowery Poetry Club (308 Bowery, take F to 2nd Ave.)
Starring: Rev. Jen, Faceboy, Mangina, Moby, Courtney Webber, Duchess Wendi McDermott, Fritz Donelly, Mike Amato, Robert Prichard, Bruce Smolanoff, Jim Melloan, Moonshine Shorey, Abby Hertz, Mike Raphone, Rachel Cleary, Stormy Leather and more!

Finally! The gang is back with an all-new episode of everyone’s fave live-action TV Show, Reverend Jen’s Really Cool Neighborhood, the only stage show ever named “Best Off-Off-Off Broadway Musical Comedy Theater” by the Village Voice!

In Episode 5: “Quest for Cameltoe”, it’s autumn in the Really Cool Neighborhood and that can only mean one thing: It’s time for the annual Renaissance Faire! Unfortunately, no one can afford the Faire’s admission so Rev. Jen invites all her neighbors over for a Ren Faire themed party! Among the guests are Jen’s roomies: Mr. Clean (Faceboy) who lives in Rev. Jen’s closet, a giant talking roach and Rev. Jen Junior (Jen’s Chihuahua.) They’re joined by their new next-door neighbor “Wendy the Leper”, Moonshine the Bartender, Teen Witch and Mangina the Mailman who brings a letter from he and Jen’s son, an 18-month old M.I.T. Student who’s gained telekinetic powers (played by Moby!) Merkin, the wisest man in the neighborhood, also stops by with his intern, Arthur, who he’s temporarily turned into a squirrel. Havoc ensues when a real squirrel falls for him. Rejected, she turns to drugs and alcohol like everyone else in the neighborhood!

It’s all fun and games until a REAL DRAGON shows up and begins to terrorize the hood! He’s after the virginal Teen Witch and he will stop at nothing to get her: killing the Captain of the football team and several others along the way! Merkin then sends the gang on a mystical mission where they encounter “The Lady of the East River.” Will they stop the carnage or is the Really Cool Neighborhood doomed forever? Find out in this hour-long spectacle of unprecedented grooviness!

“I wish I still did acid and had walked in peaking.” – Audience Member

“Rev Jen’s ‘Really Cool Neighborhood’ is a great and fascinating experiment in theater, the stage equivalent of the Bride of Frankenstein’s shriek at being alive.  The actors in this ongoing production are a cross between the inhabitants of a locked-ward and an eager summer-stock theater group. — Jonathan Ames, creator of HBO’s BORED TO DEATH