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Hallo Again

October 24, 2010

Been so long I forgot I had a blog. Also, lost my password and my neanderthal man ancient computer was preventing me from retrieving and/or changing it.

More to come…

But first! There’s an Anti-Slam this week, Wed., 10pm at Bowery Poetry Club. It’s a “Half-Assed Halloween” Anti-Slam:

Come on down and wear a costume (if you feel like it…really, we’re all a lil tired this year, aren’t we?) But either way, come on down for the wackiest, weirdest open mike on the planet. Everyone gets 6 minutes to do whatever the f**k they want and everyone gets a 10! Let’s make it a spooky night (was gonna use the adjective creepy, but it’s always kinda creepy) full of art and fun. Tell ghost stories, get nekkid, do interpretive dance, stuff your ano full of candy corn. I don’t care! Just be there!!!!!