More Adventures in Dream City

I just barely remember the adventures in Dream City last night. In one portion, I was walking around what kind of looked like Oxford Street in London. Dream City often takes on characteristics of places I’ve visited as well as looking like an amusement park. I saw a pair of hot pink patent leather glittery platform shoes in a store window but I couldn’t afford them because they cost 249 dollars. I tried them on anyway and the heels got shorter when I did.

THEN I was suddenly with my sister, Wendy. I looked up and noticed a crane that was about to fall on us. Panicked, we ran to the subway along with another girl who I didn’t know. We knew we only had a few minutes before the crane fell and crushed us to our death and we had to get on the train and get away. But the first train was too full and the conductor wouldn’t let us on. The girl I didn’t know said she wasn’t gonna wait around and Wendy tried to follow her. I told Wendy she had to wait with me and just then, a train magically pulled up. We found two seats.

THEN I was suddenly at City Hall though it didn’t look much like City Hall…more like a tiny sauna type room. Inside I was performing a gay wedding. Everyone was really stressed because KISS were supposed to show up and play but they hadn’t shown yet. Then they did and I said, “How do we know it’s really KISS because they have their makeup on?” Good question! Then some authority figure type person showed up and threw us all out, saying we didn’t have a license to perform the wedding.

Next, Wendy and I were at some type of vacation house with our mother. I was sleeping on a cot. Then I woke up and ate something and went back to sleep while also sweating profusely. I said, “Sometimes a vacation means sleeping, eating and sweating.”

That’s pretty much it.


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