Long-Eared Japanese Satanist

More weird adventures on the astral plane: Last night I “went” to a big, wooden house where a Japanese Satanist painter lived. He had long pointed ears that protruded from his head at a 90 degree angle. He was fabulously wealthy and throwing a party. My friend, Velocity, was there and we were drinking smoky red wine and in the dream, I was thinking I’d really like a beer but I’m getting fat. Amazing that even in dreams, I’m vain. The Satanist told me that he’d once spent a night at Aleister Crowley’s castle then he turned everyone’s attention to a rag-doll sitting on a mantle-piece. He evoked a spell and the doll came to life. She was laughing and saying that another doll was flirting with her, then she told us she was Egyptian and she started to look like a Goddess. Then, suddenly, I was transported to a big, white room, which I think was supposed to be a gym only it was full of cats, really mangy cats who were happy even though they were mangy. There was also a dog there that one of the cats was playing with. Then I was suddenly transported to a beach (the Dream City Beach where I often end up.) I was walking toward the water on pink stilt pogo sticks that attached to my feet via a hat strapped to my head. When I got to the beach, it appeared most of the beach had been washed away by the ocean. Then the sky got really dark and I was sure that the ocean was about to wash the beach and everyone on it away because I could see a hurricane coming. I ditched my pogo sticks, turned and started running from the ocean through a clear corridor. But as I did, the sky I was running toward grew even darker and I could see a tornado coming at me full throttle. I was pretty sure I was about to die and I wondered whether it would be quick or if I would be maimed and die slowly. Then I woke up.

I think the doll might have been the Great Goddess Oshun. Though Oshun’s not Egyptian, the doll looked a lot like Oshun dolls I’ve seen:


One Response to “Long-Eared Japanese Satanist”

  1. mattspotentialpoetry Says:

    Wish I could remember my dreams this vividly, but alas usually I awake on the shore of my dreams clutching pieces of flotsam and jetsam that barely make any sense at all.

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