Smokin’ With Ozzy

So, last night I astrally traveled to the “Dream City” that I described several posts ago. I found myself in an abandoned “Apple” store with Ozzy Osbourne, about 15 Chihuahuas and my coworker, Karolina. We were all smokin’ a doob. Then I said, “This store needs some decorations!” and I took out some newsprint and a flair pen and drew a troll throwing stars up at the sky.

When I woke up, I had an epiphany. A few days ago, I’d been so depressed about the state of my career that I announced on facebook my “retirement” from making art. But then, I was making art in my dream so I guess I can’t help but do it. Therefore, I’ve decided that what I should retire from is the “business” of creativity. I’m just going to stop “trying” to be successful. I’ve been broke this long and my life is pretty great anyway. Who cares if I’m broke for another 20 or 30 years? Hence, I’m just gonna keep doing my thing, making my stuff and if someone wants to buy it, great. But I’m not gonna even think about it. Done. Trying didn’t work so maybe not trying will.


One Response to “Smokin’ With Ozzy”

  1. Robin Dann Says:

    In my dreams I write and direct films, broadway musicals, once, a ballet. I paint and I write. Not every nights but those are memorable dreams. I also tried giving up making art at times and it just comes out another way. Did you get the same speech at SVA that I did? “If you have any choice in the matter, do something else.” The definition of being an artist is certainly not talent. It’s the basic need to create and we don’t have a choice. My astrologer friend, looking at my chart, also agrees, I couldn’t have been/done otherwise. Other artists see you as successful, Jen, just as I see myself as a professional failure yet people who can’t admire me for writing and painting. I gave up the notion of success a long time ago. I think giving up at the right moment can be an act of grace. Not giving up being creative, but doing it for anyone else. I’m grudgingly moving toward photographing the work I’ve done over the last few years so I can get back into some kind of professional mode. I’ve actually made a few contacts and leads that might lead somewhere. It would be nice to “move” some paintings. If only because it makes room and money for me to make more. If you change your definition of “successful artist” to one who is making art, instead of talking or (worse, whining about it), things change a bit.

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