Maybe the things everybody’s saying are true
Maybe you are a soulless womanizing piece of shit
And a complete bastard
And an evil, evil man-whore
Who goes around seducing innocent maidens
And killing unicorns

Maybe YOU are responsible
For the oil spill
And the earthquake
And the tsunami
And everything else

But what everybody
Will never know
Is that you made me smile
When no one else could
You made my heart sing
Something so catchy
It’ll be on rotation
Till I’m in my grave

And you made my heart flutter like
Some crazy butterfly
That gets to transform
From a caterpillar to a butterfly
Every day of its life

I know you hate religion
So I won’t call you an angel
But that’s what you are to me
Swooping in at my darkest moment
With bodega wine product
And all the perfect sentences

I never tasted anything so good
Before or after

I went into every bodega in Chelsea
Looking for that wine product
Thinking if only I could find it,
Like some kind of magical potion,
It would bring back the taste of you

But it was gone
And you were gone
And everybody’s talking
Talkin’ talkin’ talkin’
Yammering away
Because everybody
Loves to talk
And usually everybody
Is only about 2 people anyway
And that’s not the world
I inhabit

I live in a world of dreams
Where there are magical potions
Disguised as wine product
And I’m an exotic butterfly
And you’re an angel
And everyday I’ll transform
Because of you
Singing that secret tune

I’ll watch you fly away

Just know that
The things I said were true
I do love you
Not because I can’t have you
But because I already do


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