New Column and other stuff…

My new column is up, all about my adventures in London.

In other news, I am seriously considering starting a male escort service.

Still more news, it looks like the Troll Museum 10-Year Anniversary Party and Exhibition is gonna happen at HiChristina! Planning the party and making products and art to sell there gives me a reason to live, which I sorely need these days. Not to be too depressing here but it appears that I’m so avant-garde, as to be beyond help. So many people have wanted to help me, have tried to help me have a career. Very occasionally, they’re successful like when Jonathan got my book published. But more often than not, no one can figure out what to do with me.¬† I appreciate everyone trying to help but am starting to think that I’ll be living hand to mouth forever because the world isn’t gonna catch up anytime soon.

And I suppose that’s what they call “bohemianism.” So fuck it. La Vie de Boheme! I’m grateful for my dog, my friends, my family (seriously…how many people can’t stand their families? I’m very lucky.), my health (what’s left of it) and beer. Also, cheese although I’m currently on a diet.

Also, grateful for the web site Pandora. My roommate just turned me on to it and it’s like having a little slave DJ in your computer. Amazing.


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