Cleaning My Computer

Lately, my computer has been a complete candy ass so I’m cleaning it out, throwing away pics where I look fat or have bad hair along with all kinds of other stuff. It’s like an archeological dig, as I’m finding scripts I don’t remember writing and pictures I don’t remember posing for. Kind of making me sad because I’m realizing that Nick and I did start shooting the Electra Elf feature but it seemed like we would never find enough funding or be able to get it together. Making a feature while trying to hold down two jobs and promote a book…not so easy. (That and Nick and I get along about as well as Lucy and Desi at the end of their collaboration. ) Tragic, in many ways, because I spent 8 months on the script and (I think) it’s brilliant.

Anyway, I found these pics from the last episode we ever shot…memories…

That’s not CGI. I’m really attached to a giant target!


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