Damn you, wordpress!

I just wrote a whole frigging blog entry and it “failed to post.” Now it’s lost in the ether. Should have saved/copied it but I’m just learning this whole blog business. Today is a rare, splendid day, a day off that comes after several days of sleeplessness due to work, the open mike, a gas leak in my apartment and the effort required to finish my PBR masterpiece:

I’ll take my $1,893 and year of beer now!

Last night Faceboy dropped it off at the bar where the competition was being held. Lots of young hipsters with giant holes in their ears drinking free PBR and viewing it as if it were a Botticelli. Amazing I managed to finish it because I was down to the wire, speed painting, when my olfactory sense was overwhelmed by the smell of noxious gas coming from the tiny bathroom at the front of the apartment (though it’s technically in my apartment it’s more like an outhouse, freezing and so small you can’t really do anything in there except use the toilet and read a selection of books I’ve stashed there since I don’t have room anywhere else.) I called Con Ed and they told me I had to wait for them in the hallway since they didn’t want Jen Junior and me dying in a fiery explosion. I took JJ and my paints into the hallway and waited. It only took them a few minutes to arrive whereupon the gas detection thingy started beeping crazily. Wasn’t the first time I’d called because of a gas smell and though they never detected anything in the past most visitors have noted the scent and I’m convinced it’s been poisoning me for years. Well, it’s fixed now and I’m counting my blessings that no one died in a bong-related accident at the last party…

I just slept for 12 hours, had three cups of coffee and am now going to clean and organize my very messy apartment then maybe look for a job. (Though my boss hadn’t anticipated she’d be able to work for at least 2 more weeks so I’m not totally unemployed yet.)

Also…off subject…my friend, Courtney, just reminded me of these photos, which were taken by a dude from Seattle who followed me around for several days, documenting my life. This was the beginning of October, before shit hit the fan. Kind of nice to remember a more carefree time.

Now I’m off to clean! (I love cleaning, btw, and am thinking of becoming a maid.)


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