PBR Art Contest

Have I mentioned that I’ve fallen off the face of the earth in order to devote every waking second to winning the upcoming Pabst Blue Ribbon art contest? The prize is $1,893 and a year’s worth of beer. I’m not sure what they mean by a “year’s worth of beer” but this could end up being the most expensive work of art ever made. Problem is I only found out about the contest Friday and the clock is ticking! Normally when I paint, I’ll dwell on one square inch of skin for three hours or even days, but this deadline makes that technique impossible.

And today/night I’m stuck at work here at the Therapy Center (a job I’ll be losing in a week) and am writing this post in between patients. Speaking of which, I’ve had an extra long break so I went to Border’s and was flipping through Chris O’Dell’s new book, which contained a picture of George Harrison next to a troll! This PROVES my theory that the Beatles owned trolls and that I might in fact, have a troll that once belonged to Ringo Starr.

Every time I go to Border’s I am astounded by the amount of Twilight merch there. I used to feel a pang of envy toward Stephanie Meyer who now must be a very rich woman, but these days I realize that even though I’m broke, about to lose my job and have no idea where my rent is going to come from, I get to live my life, which is pretty fun, probably more fun than the life of a Mormon teen-vampire-book writer. (I say this as a fan of Twilight, btw.) So feeling OK despite everything. Just wanna go home and paint!


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