Picture of the Day!

When I don’t have time to write, I’ll post a picture of the day.

Today it’s a picture of my haunted troll. Though I rarely purchase trolls on eBay, knowing that such a habit would lead to destitution, I could not resist this one. According to this troll’s previous owners, an old lady tried to give this troll to their 4-year old son who first refused it, but ultimately accepted the mysterious offering whereupon he viciously stuck a stick in its neck. After that, strange things started happening in the boy’s house from the faucet running at odd hours to the thermostat going up and down to the boy acting strangely. Because I was the only person who bid on it and because the previous owners were so terrified of it, they ended up donating the haunted troll to the museum, just to get rid of it. Win Win! For a while last year, my building was suffering from major electrical problems, unexpected blackouts and such. I considered hiding the haunted troll in the Starbucks on Delancey to see if that might rectify the situation, but decided against it. From a curatorial standpoint, I couldn’t risk The Troll Museum losing such a valuable piece.

Note in the first shot, he’s got the stick in his neck and in the second it’s been removed. Doesn’t make him any less scary though! (Also note that I’m not very good at posting pictures yet, but Rome wasn’t built in a day.)


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