The Blogosphere Just Got a Little Less Cool

It  could be because I got a new coffee maker for Newtmas and I’m fueled on caffeine and feeling all Balzac and ready to write my ass off. Could be that I’m recently jobless and seemingly unable to obtain any paid writing gigs this winter. Could be that Facebook and Twitter just weren’t enough to fuel my addiction to philosophizing in public or maybe I just need even more attention and more avenues for self promotion than I already have, but for whatever the reason I have decided to start a blog. In fact, blogging was my New Year’s Resolution only I had to wait till I returned from a 10-day trip to the Caribbean with my mother. If you are now feeling jealous of me because I went to the Caribbean, you shouldn’t. I went in the place of my father who passed away the day before Halloween and couldn’t go. So, the beaches were beautiful, the rum was warm and I got to hold a baby monkey, but I would have much preferred to still have a father.

I told myself that my blog was not going to be full of references to death, despair and booze but it’s not looking too good thus far. That said, I loved the Caribbean. Normally when I travel it’s to another industrial city where I do exactly the things I do when I am in New York (go to avant-garde shows, bone, drink and promote myself) so the trip was a culture shock. Since my return, I have wanted to pull a Gaugin, to collect Reverend Jen Junior, pack my bags and run away to the Islands. Sadly, my existence is far more Van Gogh at the moment as I despair over the human condition, have lost an elf ear, haven’t sold any art and am rapidly going insane. Maybe if Van Gogh had a blog he would have been happier. Already I’m feeling like my blog is an invisible friend I can talk to the way Margaret talked to God about her period.

I am planning a much longer essay on my trip to the Caribbean that will appear here in a few days, only I just got back last night so it’s not started or finished. Until then I will provide snippets of random thoughts from my visionary underachieving mind. You can also read the archive of articles I’ve posted. Enjoy and don’t forget to check in every day!


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